TUG 2017 - Meeting of Members

Wednesday March 29 2017

Monte Carlo Inn, Markham Downtown

Jesse Gorzinski

Jesse Gorzinski

Business Architect of open source technologies,
IBM i development lab in Rochester, MN.

5:00 Session 1: - Overview of Open Source & Tools for OpenSource on IBM i

Are you interested in running Open Source on IBM i? This could mean compiling your own utilities, trying a new open-source language, or using some of the other tools that were shipped in the 5733OPS offering....read more.

7:00 Session 2 (Last Minute Change): - Building Python Web Applications with Bottle

Bottle is a lightweight web framework for building web applications. Python is an excellent language for web programming due to its flexibility and high-level functionality.......read more.

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TUG / Seneca College IBM i Business Application Developer Award

Nicholas Scherman

Nicholas Scherman

Seneca/Tug Award Winner -- Fall 2016

(See previous winners)

Rational Developer for i (RDi) Useful URL's

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WDSCI-L - A very active user community

IBM Systems: Built for Blockchain

Watch this video at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqexSiQZn8Y&feature=youtu.be

IBM i 25: It Started as a Simple Idea

IBM i 25: Integration is like...

IBM i: Virtualization Subsystems


TUG Receives Maxava iFoundation Grant

     (Summer 2016) We are pleased to report that the Toronto Users Group for Power Systems has once again received a generous grant from the Maxava iFoundation. This grant will enable TUG to initiate a host of new iSeries related education offerings for the coming season.

Stay tuned to this website and the TUG Buzz! for further details.


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