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September 1995: Volume 11, Number 1

Communicating with Sam

SNMP Compliance

By Sam Johnston

From the questions submitted, the selected issue to be addressed in this issue is:


ur company has recently completed installing LANs in our branch offices and is currently investigating E-mail applications that will require LAN to LAN communications. My concern is, how can I:

  1. Manage this new technology when I have minimal technical resources at the remote locations, and...
  2. Maintain my central support desk that I have for the AS/400?


hen designing your solution, regardless of the communications selected, the key consideration is management of the communications equipment. Select only equipment that is Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) compliant.

SNMP is a standards based network management protocol that enables clients to manage all hardware with SNMP support, from a single platform, such as Netview.

The Netview platform provides a graphical view of the network, monitors the network, and sends alerts and alarms across the network to a central management station. This enables the network manager to have centralized control of the network and perform any necessary changes while in a live environment. T < G

Note: Any TUG member wishing to submit a question to Sam can e-mail or forward their typewritten material to the TUG office, or to Intesys. We would be pleased to publish your question and Sam's answer in an upcoming issue of the TUG/400 e-server magazine.