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TUG eServer magazine September 1995: Vol. 11, No. 1
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TECHExpress: System Values

Do you ever have trouble remembering the name of a system value? You can find the name you're looking for with the Work with System Value (WRKSYSVAL) command, using the default of SYSVAL(*ALL). But with more than 100 system values in V3R1, you may have to scroll through many pages before you find the one you want. To make it easier to find system values, IBM divides them into eight categories, as shown in the table at right. There are two ways to make use of these categories:

1. Enter the WRKSYSVAL command and specify a category in the SYSVAL parameter.

2. Enter the WRKSYSVAL command with the default of SYSVAL(*ALL). On the subsequent screen, enter a category next to the Subset by type prompt.

In either case, if you don't remember the names of the categories, you can press F4 to obtain a list.

Categorization of System Values

Category Description

*ALC Allocation system values.

*DATTIM Date and time system values

*EDT Editing system values

*LIBL Library list system values

*MSG Message and logging values

*SEC Security system values

*STG Storage system values

*SYSCTL System control system values T < G

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