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TUG eServer magazine September 1995: Vol. 11, No. 1
Tenth Anniversary Issue!
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checkbox COMMON - Fall Conference

Depending on when you receive this newsletter, you may have just enough time to register for the fall COMMON conference in Chicago, Illinois. The five full days of AS/400 and System 3/X education start on Monday, September 11, 1995; and continue through Friday, September 15, 1995. If you have never experienced the excitement of this top drawer conference -- now may be the right time! Call the TUG office for more information.

checkbox Welcome Darcy!

The TUG Board of Directors would like to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Darcy Forde, of Westburne Industrial Enterprises. (Darcy was appointed to theboard to complete the remaining year of Thibault Dambrine's tenure, and will stand for re-election next June.) We are glad to have such an energetic and dedicated volunteer on our team, and wish him a long and rewarding relationship with the user group.

checkbox Sorry Guys...

The person in the picture with Sam Johnston the last issue of this newsletter was not Dale Fisher, but was in fact the "son of Sam" -- Randy Johnston. Once again we messed up with our photo caption. (they do look alike -- don't you think?) ...our apologies.

checkbox Keep them letters comin' -- folks.

The editor would like to thank all of the contributors for helping to make this newsletter such a success. It is your insightful articles which make the newsletter relevant and interesting to our readers. Circulation is nearing the 2,000 mark, and advertising sales are robust. We are always looking for fresh material, though. So readers -- if you have ever thought of sharing a bit of your AS/400 expertise, we would love to hear from you. Send your manuscript to the TUG office or to Vaughn, and we will endeavor to get your message out to the mid range public.

checkbox Imaging Canada '95

Imaging Canada '95 will provide information on the process of doing business in a rapidly changing market. Contact the Canadian Information and Image Management Society at (905-842-6067.

checkbox The Second Annual Canadian ATM Symposium

A faculty of ATM specialists, vendors, users, and telecommunication carriers will share innovative ideas and provide unique solutions to key concerns with Asynchronus Transfer Mode. Contact I.I. Research Corp. at 416-928-1770.

checkbox Outsourcing Conference

Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular tool for boosting an organization's efficiency in service delivery and in cost containment. This forum will help professionals understand, explore, learn, manage and gain insight into outsourcing. Contact Connie Karpiel at 416-928-1078.

checkbox CIO Insights: Keeping ahead of New Technologies

CIO Magazine will sponsor a conference which will explore the ways in which IS organizations and the businesses they serve are affected by technology changes. The conference will examine issues of retraining and recruiting in IS, support of technology enabled user organizations, cooperative methods for the introduction of change into the business, planning and managing change, and more... Contact CIO Canada at 416-746-7360.

checkbox TUG's Tenth Anniversary Party!

Yes, we're going to have a party! Don't forget to make plans to attend TUG's Tenth Anniversary Celebration! A full afternoon of technical presentations, followed by a sumptious sit-down dinner, complete with "Murder Mystery" entertainment. (see Neil's article on the front page of this issue for times and topics.)

checkbox TEC III - Conference '96

... and stay tuned for more information regarding TUG's next Technical Education Conference, to be held this coming April 29 through May 1, 1996 -- at the Colony Hotel, 89 Chestnut Street (downtown). We are considering having a Vendor Expo this year. Although there will be a charge for full conference registration, admission to the Vendor Expo will be gratus. If you are interested in participating as a volunteer at our booth, or perhaps in sponsoring your own booth, let us know by contacting Ken Sadler, the conference coordinator (at 416-480-8264), or Wende Boddy at the TUG office, (905-607-2546).


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