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TUG eServer magazine May 1996: Volume 11, Number 5
[clipboard]TUG NOTES

[checkbox] Golf Tournament [golf]

See the flyer inserted in this issue regarding the Eighth Annual TUG Golf Tournament, slated for Friday, June 21. This year it will be held at the fabulous Nobelton Lakes Golf Club ( a championship course.) Admission is $85 plus GST for green fees, cart, and dinner. Call Richard Dolewski or Wende Boddy to register.

[checkbox] Future COMMON Conferences:

1996 Fall Ocober 21 - 25 Atlanta, Georgia

1997 Spring April 7 - 11 Boston, Massachusetts

1997 Fall September 22 - 26 San Antonio, Texas

1998 Spring April 20 - 24 New Orleans, Louisiana

1998 Fall October 25 - 29 Atlanta, Georgia

1999 Spring March 8 - 12 San Francisco, California

1999 Fall October 4 - 8 San Antonio, Texas

2000 Spring March 13 - 17 San Diego, California

2000 Fall October 23 - 27 Baltimore, Maryland

2001 Spring April 23 - 27 New Orleans, Louisiana

[checkbox] Old Ideas are Good Habits

1. Pick it up, don't pass it up; and don't put it down unless you put it away.

2. Finish what you start and keep the horse before the cart.

3. When you're on the telephone, visiting, or watching TV, do something productive with your hands.

4. If you can't talk and do something productive at the same time, put masking tape on your mouth and get your work done.

5. Eat sitting down.

6. Make your bed for your own self-respect.

7. Make sure that each room in the house serves its own purpose.

8. Do it when you think of it.

9. Write letters. Don't write long letters.

10. Work faster; Say No when you should and say Yes when you can. Ask yourself, "If I do this, in a year from now, will it matter that I did it?"

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