TORONTO USERS GROUP for Midrange Systems
TUG eServer magazine July 1996: Volume 11, Number 6

TUG's Home Page

The Toronto Users Group for Midrange Systems now has a home page on the World Wide Web! Access our web-site with the following Internet address:

Although it is still under construction, we will be enhancing it regularly, so check back often. Besides general information about TUG, the web-site will contain newsletter archives for the past ten years; information about the TUG board of directors and how to contact them; "be-a-joiner" and "more-info" fax back forms; and an AS/400 discussion forum. We will also have hot links to other web-sites of interest to AS/400 enthusiasts, (e.g. IBM Canada, News/400, Man Hui's AS/400 cool sites collection, and many others!

While you're visiting our site, you can leave an E-mail message for one of the TUG directors. Let us know your thoughts on our activities, or make a suggestion to improve the User Group. Better still… write an article for this newsletter and E-mail it directly to the editor! It's never been easier to contribute to TUG!

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