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July 1997: Volume 12, Number 6

Ninth Annual (1997) TUG Golf Classic Wrap-Up

 Kim Blain with Wende Boddy

By Wende Boddy
(Photos by Léo Lefebvre)

he 9th Annual golf tournament turned out to be the best ever! Nobleton Lakes Golf Club was the chosen site, and like last year they did an outstanding job in the kitchen; but I am getting ahead of myself here…

First of all let me say to the people who were on the waiting list and wanted to play but could not because of limits – make sure you register early next year. Remember it is on a first come basis.

After it rained on Monday and continued all week, I was guaranteeing no rain by Friday; after all, how much could there be up there? Was I ever wrong! Even the rain tucked away up there in storage along with some thunder and lightning came out for us and caused a delay. While every one came in for a change of clothes and a beverage, the mood was still jolly – as our membership is made up of people who face disaster recoveries everyday. We continued on undaunted, until finally the sun came out along with the sun tan lotion.

This Year for the second time, Saville Systems Canada Ltd. [now ADC Software Systems Canada Ltd.] presented their fine trophy. This "Saville Cup" will be like the "Stanley Cup" and stay with the winning team until the following year when another winner will be chosen. The Soapstone trophy engraved with all the teams’ names will become the coveted prize of the Tug Tourny for years. As per Saville representative, Ron Howe's request, the official name is the "Gord Jackson Memorial - Saville Cup".

 TUG Golf Ladies relaxing at the nineteenth hole

 Golf Meister, Richard Dolewski All players would like to thank CANCOM and SSA for the Welcome Beverage carts. A special thanks goes out to all the players who contributed to the charity holes. We beat last year’s total by collecting $1,030 for childrens’ charities. Many Thanks! Also, Richard Dolewski our Tournament Director deserves a special pat on the back for all his hard work and countless telephone calls to get the sponsors involved and everything running smoothly. Well done Richard!

The following is a list of prize table sponsors. Again – many thanks; you turned a good day into a GREAT day!

Prize Table Sponsors

Bustech Management Consultants
Cabletron Systems Inc.
Cancom Business Networks
Datacom Conversions Services
E. D. Smith (Winona)
End To End Networks Inc.
First Marathom Securities
Gilbey Canada Inc.
IBM Printing
IBM Canada
Infinium Software Inc.
McCormicks Canada
Midrange Computer Brokers
Midrange Recovery Services
Nutech Systems Inc.
Perle Systems
Radius Information Systems
Richmar Technolgies Inc.
Saville Systems
SSA Canada Inc.
Storagedata Technologies
Synon Canada Ltd.

Wende Boddy is the Association Manager for TUG, and can be reached at 905-607-2546, or via e-mail at boddy@tug.on.ca T < G