Session Abstract JP2

RPG Open Access - By Example

This session introduces you to the fundamentals of RPG s Open Access (OA) by taking you through the process of designing a simple Open Access handler.

OA provides a mechanism that allows you to simplify how an RPG program interacts with interfaces that the RPG language does not natively support. For example things such as web services, the IFS, data queues, spreadsheets, browsers and more. By using a suitably designed OA handler, your programmers can access such interfaces through native RPG I/O operations (such as READ, WRITE, CHAIN, UPDATE, etc.). They dont have to understand the underlying mechanics, they can simply use their existing RPG skills.

As we worked with OA we realized that all OA handlers were fundamentally the same. So we developed a template program that now forms the foundation for all the OA handlers that we write. We will introduce you to this template by working through the process of designing a simple OA handler that writes CSV data to the IFS, replacing the need for the use of CPYTOIMPF.

Hopefully we can convince you that developing OA handlers is well within your capabilities and that they can play an important role in your future development tasks.

Jon Paris