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September 1995: Vol. 11, No. 1

Tenth Anniversary Issue!

President's Corner

By Linda Johnstone

s I write this I am looking forward to chairing my first TUG board meeting, and also attempting to leave my workplace in some semblance of order and disappear on vacation for a few days. Chairing the TUG board meeting will no doubt be the easier of the two tasks! The board currently consists of both seasoned and relatively new members, all of whom volunteer their time unstintingly. I look forward to another year of enthusiastic co-operation amongst the team.

Since the last election for board members, Thibault Dambrine has had to resign from his position on the Board due to a move to Edmonton. Thibault was particularly active in obtaining quality advertising for the TUG newsletter. Advertising revenue supplements the membership fee revenue, and permits TUG to provide informative newsletters in addition to the free meetings of members. Thibault keeps in touch by e-mail and intends to continue to write articles for the newsletter. Thank you for your work and continuing interest Thibault. Joining the board to fill the vacant position is Darcy Ford of Westburn Industrial Enterprises Limited. Darcy has been very active as a TUG volunteer for the past few years, especially at our last Technical Education Conference.

>What Léo Lefebvre did not relate in his farewell President's Corner message, was that he has been elected to the position of Secretary, and as such I know that he will continue to give generously of his time. I hope that he will continue to keep the board members informed by fax. (Though our manager Wende, would prefer that faxes not arrive in her home office at 2:00 a.m. in the morning please). Thank you Leo for your dedication and guiding hand. The last two years have been particularly successful and I suspect that we will see new initiatives from you before long.

This year will see TUG continue to publish the newsletter, organise meetings of members in the new double header format, and present another technical conference. TUG is continuing to evolve, and judging by the support of members for the technical conferences, it is moving in the right direction, at least for the moment. We are all in the business of facilitating change, but we do not always take a close critical look at how change is affecting us, or at how we could be instrumental in forming our own futures. Although there are more and more versatile AS/400s installed every day, is the need for AS/400 skills growing? What skills are hardest to acquire? Where are the shortages? Should TUG be broadening its scope? If so, in what direction? I hope that everyone who has at least one eye on the future will make their views known to the board. Board members are the ones with the fancy badges at the meetings of members; board telephone numbers are on page 2 of the newsletter; the TUG address is on the masthead; and I can also be reached by e-mail at linda.johnstone@primus.ca. Please let us have your input, and watch this space for an update. T < G