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eServer magazine November 1995: Vol. 11, No. 2
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checkbox TEC III - Conference '96

Mark your calendar now for April 29 through May 1, 1996; when TUG will present our third annual Technical Education Conference in Toronto. Speakers will include all of the AS/400 greats! Bob Cozzi, Al Barsa, Wayne Evans, Alison Butterill, Claus Weise, Jim Sloan, Rares Patineau, John Sears, Robert Tipton, Roger Pence, Susan Gantner, Jackie Jansen, George Farr, Jon Paris, and more... In addition, for the first time we will also include approximately 30 booths for participating vendors at the TEC III technology expo.

checkbox The Top ways things would be different if Microsoft built cars...

1. A particular model year of car wouldn't be available until AFTER that year, instead of before.

2. Every time they painted the lines on the road, you'd have to buy a new car.

3. Occasionally your car would just die for no reason. You'd have to restart it. For some strange reason, you would just accept this.

4. You could only have one person at a time in your car, unless you bought a car '95 or a car NT, but then you'd need a new motor.

5. You would be constantly pressured to upgrade your car.

6. Sun Motorsystems would make a car that was solar powered, twice as reliable, 5 times as fast, but only ran on 5% of the roads.

7. The oil, alternator, gas, and engine warning lights would be replaced with a single "General Car Fault" warning light.

8. People would get excited about the "new" features in Microsoft cars, forgetting completely that they had been available in other brands for years.

9. We would still be waiting on the "6000" sux 58" model to come out.

10. We'd all have to switch to Microsoft Gas (tm).

11. Lee Iacocca would be hired-on as Bill G.'s chauffeur.

12. The US government would be GETTING subsidies from an automaker, instead of giving them.

13. New seats will force everyone to have the same size ass.

14. Ford, General Motors and Chrysler would all be complaining because Microsoft was putting a CD in all its models.

checkbox Parking

Now that the Howard Johnson Plaza - Hotel has fixed up their parking lot a bit, they no longer provide free parking. Don't forget to bring a few extra loonies for your car to the next MOM (Meeting of Members).


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