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January 1996: Vol. 11, No. 3

TUG MoM Review (Three for Two) - The November '95 Meeting of Members

By Léo Lefebvre

id you miss our last Meeting of Members, the one on November 22nd? If you did, you missed a great meeting! As you know by now, our Meetings of Members usually feature two topics, presented by two speakers. For this meeting we had a treat: three speakers! First of all, Dave Rodriguez (of Advanced Solutions Group Inc.) talked about Electronic Document Management. The 'What', 'When' and 'Why' of E­Paper, Virtual Paper, E­Forms, and E­Cheques were part of Dave's presentation. The Electronic Paper and Virtual Paper residing in some form of memory in some type of computer storage medium will always produce an original­like paper document if we ever have to print them (assuming we have the proper printer equipment).

The Electronic Form, coming in various formats, will allow us savings in costly pre­printed forms and in other ways, like storage for all the types of pre­printed forms, and printer set­ups (to install the required forms) to name a few. In most cases, when printing electronic forms, the paper to be used would be a plain page of stock paper and the printer would jump from job to job without stopping and always producing different types of forms. Again here, there are no "copies", you only get "originals".

In all, Dave's presentation was very informative. And even if you were aware of some, or most, of the material he was presenting, it was great to review that material.

After the social hour, two IBMers, Dave Knott and Tom Dzorevski were on hand to present a special overview on Object Oriented Development and to demonstrate one application produced using OOD tools and techniques. In fact, it was the other way around: the example was presented before the concepts, because of conflicts in Tom's schedule.

Tom talked about the fantastic project he was called to work on, and how he and his group successfully designed, developed and delivered the complex NHL Draft Entry system in just about TEN WEEKS, where the dead-line was a quot;do" or "die". The 1995 NHL draft was being held on Saturday July 8th and NOTHING would delay it, system or no system. Tom talked about the frequent meetings, the frequent checkpoints, the development team went through and the importance of these meeting and checkpoints. He talked about some of the challenges they had beside the dreadful date. Challenges like how to present the same information, at the same time, on over 50 client­PC's and allow them to interrogate as well the server, an AS/400 model 30S. Challenges like developing an intuitive system that the users would understand and know how to use with the VERY short training period they would get: only ten minutes, and just before the start of the first round of the draft.

Tom had a great introduction to his system he was supposed to present with the PC and the portable AS/400 he had brought with him. But, and there's always a "but" in live presentations, for some reason he was unable to fire up the server, so no demonstration was possible. Nevertheless he succeeded in whetting our appetite and we will certainly ask him to come back to show us the new and improved system to be used for the next draft sessions. New and improved because of course, the system will be (or is being) revised and next time all the equipment will be functioning properly, you can be sure.

Dave Knott was the last speaker of the evening. Unfortunately with the short period of time left for the evening, he barely touched the subject he was presenting: The concept of Object Oriented Development. In the time he had, Dave did a great job and he also deserves an encore.

In conclusion, the people who attended the meeting really enjoyed the set of topics and speakers presented, and they let us know in the critique sheets they filled out. Again if you missed that meeting, you missed three great presentations. T < G