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TUG eServer magazine January 1996: Volume 11, Number 3
clipboardTUG NOTES

checkbox Parking Update...

Please note that parking is free at the Howard Johnson Plaza - Hotel, if you arrive before 5:30. (An extra incentive for you to attend TUG's matinee session.)

checkbox What's in a Name? * Beverly Hills: This California community, U.S. ZIP code 90210, got its name in 1906 from the Beverly Farms, Mass., retreat of president-to-be Howard Taft. The name "Beverly" itself, writes author David Feldman, is derived from a Middle English word that means "beaver". (Bev Russell, did you know that?)

checkbox TEC III - Conference '96

Just a reminder that on April 29 through May 1, 1996; TUG will present our third annual Technical Education Conference in Toronto. Speakers will include all of the AS/400 greats! Bob Cozzi, Al Barsa, Wayne Evans, Alison Butterill, Claus Weiss, Jim Sloan, Rares Pateanu, John Sears, Bob Tipton, Roger Pence, Susan Gantner, Jackie Jansen, George Farr, Jon Paris, and more...

checkbox TUG on the Internet Plans are being formulated for the creation of a TUG home page on the Internet. As well as uploading the Newsletter, we are planning a forum, surveys, member information, and hypertext links to other sites. If you have any ideas to make it the best possible please forward your comments to the TUG office, or the Editor. TIA!

checkbox Congratulations Dan!! Tug Director, Dan Duffy finished 11,256th out of 26,558 runners in the 26th annual New York City marathon on Nov.12, 1995. He clocked an official time of 4:07:55 at the 26.2 mile event. It was the coldest running on record, with a temperature of 21 degrees F. at the start. We admire his perseverance.


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