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TUG eServer magazine July 1996: Volume 11, Number 6

checkbox IBM Upgrade Plans for OS/400

IBM has announced forthcoming upgrades to its AS/400 operating system (OS/400). Version 3 Release 2 for CICS processors is slated for release early this summer, while Version 3 Release 7 for RISC processors is expected sometime in the fall of 1996. Among the new features expected for these releases is a 5250 HTML Gateway (i.e. to run AS/400 code over the Internet), and the ability to run Lotus cc:mail over your AS/400 network.

checkbox Thanks Linda!

Our hats are off to President Linda Johnstone for her dedication to the TUG membership by helping make this the most successful year yet for the Toronto Users Group!

checkbox If Computer Manufacturers Made Toasters

checkbox TEC Winners

During TUG's Technical Education Conference this spring at the Colony Hotel, a number of door prizes were given away at the Vendor Showcase. The lucky winner of a deluxe weekend for two at Niagra-on-the-Lake (donated by TUG), was Mr. Gerald Costanck from Ontario Store Fixtures Inc. Mr. Tony Calderaro from Lazorrato Wholesale Grocers won the Blue Jay tickets donated by R.Y.E. Enterprises. A complete set of golf clubs compliments of Able One Computers, was won by Mr. Vince Nardangcli from QUNO.

checkbox Able-One Draw

Here is the complete list of winners from the Able-One draw held at the Technical Education Conference:

First Prize: Golf Clubs - Vince Nardangelli

Second Prize: Lexmark Printer - Dave McLaughlan

Third Prize: Golf Sweater - Phil Mawby

Fourth Prize: Golf Sweater - Michelle Muir

Fifth Prize: Golf Sweater - Lyle Kittmer

Sixth Prize: Golf Sweater - Gord Thompson

Seventh Prize: Golf Sweater - Christine Lam

Eighth Prize: Golf Sweater - Carmalita Cruz

Ninth Prize: Golf Sweater - Tom Zamara

Tenth Prize: Golf Sweater - Don Kawagveli

Eleventh Prize: Golf Sweater - Lindsay Phillips

Twelfth Prize: Golf Sweater - Daniel Barrios

Thirteenth Prize: Golf Sweater - Anson Au

Fourteenth Prize: Golf Sweater - Samer Andary

Fifteenth Prize: Golf Sweater - E. Hachey

Sixteenth Prize: Golf Hat - Toby Yost

Seventeenth Prize: Golf Hat - Tom Rondeau

Eighteenth Prize: Golf Umbrella - Sheri Rowe

Nineteenth Prize: Golf Travel Bag - Larry Santor

Twentieth Prize: Golf Sweatshirt - Wilson Chan

checkbox Tipton Handouts

At the recent Technical Education Conference, there were a number of requests for a handout from Bob Tipton, our keynote speaker on day one. His topic was "Conquering the Abyss of Change". These handouts will be available at our next MOM (Meeting of Members).


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