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September 1997: Volume 12, Number 1

A Formula for AS/400 Application Modernization

How to race with a New Generation of Technology - Part I

By Mark Buchner

n Information Technology, press headlines and marketing slogans present a world of productivity boosts, information at your fingertips, business competitive improvements and truly amazing features. They also feature a low cost, so-called open world where software and hardware products become commodities and exchange as readily as nuts and bolts. There are always examples of pioneers, who have invested and truly benefited from technology and their businesses and users are now thriving. On the other hand, marketing slogans change every year. Sometimes they reflect out-of-reach architectures which never materialize. Sometimes, they reflect re-treaded technology or under-achieving products. Naturally, this leads to customer disappointment and lack of confidence. Behind these technologies sit three overwhelming themes:

1. What technology provides effective working solutions to business problems you have today?
2. What tools and associated methodologies should be used?
3. How can this complexity and change be managed?

Our consulting practice is based on the fact that customers facing these issues must follow a process of modernization, and typically require a road map that navigates the many variables and factors for them. Typically, every customer will have a unique profile, meaning that the system, tools, processes and people involved in their road map are vastly different from the next. There is no one set solution. What are these technologies and how can they be included in your plans?

In my upcoming session at the next TUG meeting (5:00PM, September 18, 1997), I will focus on these technologies, their associated buzzwords, and what really is behind them. These are the elements of Application Modernization:

Client Server

Data Warehousing


Identify your needs and establish your own modernization criterion. In the race with a new generation of technology, those who carefully match their needs will be victorious. T < G

Mark Buchner is president of ASTECH Solutions Inc. in Aurora Ontario, specialists in AS/400 systems. He can be reached at 905-727-2384 or by fax at 905-727-0362.

[Mark was a speaker at the September '97 TUG Meeting of Members]