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September 1996: Volume 12, Number 1

President's Corner

By Bev Russell

ell, another successful TUG year has passed! On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to thank Linda Johnstone for her contribution as President of the 95/96 Board. Under her direction, TUG celebrated its tenth anniversary with a special event in October, held a successful third annual TEC conference with well over 200 attendees and hosted our best-ever golf tournament - why we even got our terrific new web site (www.tug.on.ca) up and running!

At this year's annual election of Officers at our July board meeting, I was voted in as your new President, a position I am pleased to accept. Your 96/97 Board of Directors is looking forward to a new year filled with lots of activities that will continue to make TUG one of the largest and most active midrange user groups. This issue of the newsletter is our first full colour edition! A special thanks to our editor Vaughn Dragland for a job well done.

In order that TUG can continue to thrive and offer the best value-added education, information exchange and networking opportunities, the Board has scheduled a half-day Strategic Planning Meeting. During this time we will brainstorm for new ideas and opportunities to move the group forward. Any ideas or suggestions of what could be done to make this organization more valuable to the membership would be most welcome. Please feel free to contact me or any of the 96/97 board members and voice your suggestions.

Already planned for October is a special event, a joint venture between TUG and IBM, where we will get a glimpse into the future, during a presentation by Khalil Barsoum, president of IBM Canada Ltd., and the chief architect of the AS/400 - Dr. Frank Soltis. There is more information later on in this issue about this must-see event.

In addition to our regular 5:00 and 7:00 sessions at our September and November meeting of members, we are experimenting with a new feature - panel discussions about hot issues. In September a panel will discuss experiences and answer questions regarding converting from CISC to RISC. In November the topic for discussion will be Lotus Notes. Please come to these sessions and participate! Let us know if this format gets your questions answered.

I look forward to an exciting year at TUG! Let's work together to make 96/97 another great year! T < G