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September 1996: Volume 12, Number 1

TUG Notes

TUG Notes


Donations Given

At the recent TUG Golf Tournament, we collected $1045 for our theme of "Charity for Children." The funds were distributed to the following recipients: The Children's Wish Foundation; The Hospital for Sick Children; and The Children's Aid Society. Our sincere thanks to all of those who contributed.



When the editor was interviewing for his new job with his new boss, he said, "Should I call you Ron, as I have been; or should I call you "Howie", as your old friends do; or should I call you "Mr. Howe" out of respect. He said, "I don't care what you call me, but if you want to work here you'd better learn how to spell it correctly!" He of course was referring to the caption under his picture in the last TUG Newsletter. The corrected caption on page 10 should read: "Ron Howe of Saville Systems presents a trophy to the winners. "


Election Results

Each year the TUG membership make their selections for the TUG Board of Directors during the annual election process, and the results are announced at the May Meeting of Members. (The board consists of 12 voting Directors, each serving for a two year term. Half of the board stands for election each year; allowing turnover, while ensuring continuity. In addition there are two non-voting positions on the board - our IBM Liaison, and our Association Manager, making a total of 14 seats.)

This year, the following five incumbents were elected by acclamation: Neil Andrus (President, Accolade Executive Group Inc.), Vaughn Dragland, ISP, PMP (Business Manager, Saville Systems), Beverly Russell (MIS Manager, E.D. Smith), and Jim Vanderburgt (Manager - Application Systems, Simmonds Technologies Inc.). Also, Linda M. Johnstone, ISP, CAM (Director - Information Systems, The Law Society of Upper Canada) is automatically appointed for an additional one year term, to serve as TUG's Past President.

Continuing on with the second half of their terms are: Ron Campitelli (Manager - Systems Integration, Simmonds Technologies Inc.), Dan Duffy (President, Midrange Computer Brokers Inc.), Richard Dolewski (Consultant, Richmar Technologies), Ed Jowett (Consultant, CE & JE Consultants Inc.), Léo Lefebvre (President, MBL3 Software Services Ltd.), and Ken Sadler, B.Sc. (Manager - I.S. Development, Canadian Tire Petroleum).

Re-appointed as non-voting board members are: Lisa Jobson (Sales Specialist, Midrange Systems, IBM Canada Ltd.), and Wende Boddy (President, WEB Association Management).

Following the general election, the TUG Board held its annual Election of Officers at the July Board Meeting on July 4, 1996, in Pickering, Ontario. Our new TUG President is Beverly Russell. (Bev was president a few years ago, and liked the pressure so much she decided to accept the challenge again.) Ed Jowett and Léo Lefebvre were both re-elected as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively. Elected as Vice Presidents are Neil Andrus and Ken Sadler.

Congratulations to our new board and our new executive committee!


October Special

Make sure to attend this very Special Event on October 17th 5:00PM at the Sheraton Parkway Convention Centre, Richmond Hill, when TUG and IBM present a pair of extra-ordinary speakers. We will be treated to Khalil Barsoum, President & CEO of IBM Canada Ltd. and Dr. Frank Soltis, Chief Architect, AS/400 Division, who will share their insights into the future strategies of IBM and the AS/400. This evening is guaranteed to be the premier event of the season. Don't miss it! Confirm your attendance with Wende Boddy (Telephone: 905-607-2546, Fax: 905-607-2547, or E-mail: boddy@tug.on.ca ).


E-mail Received

Sender: cimlclms@interlog.com "Hi Thibault! Regarding your article, (The Art of Dates, TUG Vol 11, No. 4) - If you try to calculate the number of days between 2034/02/28 and 2034/03/01 using subroutine GTOS, you will find that it is zero instead of 1 day because both of these dates produce the same serial number: 2,464,022. Regards, Minh Le."

Reply: 72773.2567@compuserve.com "I have verified this calculation to be true, unfortunately. This is a serious flaw and we should warn our readers. I am not sure if there are any other flaws before this particular date and Minh did not specify how he found out this problem. Sorry about that Vaughn, this is not really the best of news to print, but we would rather be honest if we want to be respected. Thanks, Thibault Dambrine."


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