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November 1996: Volume 12, Number 2

Lotus Notes - Is It The Future, Already In Use Today?

By Ken Sadler

s Lotus Notes, one of the newest technologies on the I/T Landscape, delivering the results companies require? This exciting group-ware has a swirl of questions being asked about it in the computer industry. Does it really eliminate meetings? Does it allow for meaningful conversations electronically, that are not cumbersome? Do companies have a conflict with E-mail? How does it fit into their electronic mail systems with their users using Notes? Several of the member companies of TUG use this technology, and four of them will be reporting on how they use it and their successes, in the November '96 end-user panel. The panel will be delivering reports from the front-lines of their installations; regarding uses, successes, and areas to be watched for by any company planning a Notes implementation. A question & answer period will follow. If time allows, a demonstration of Lotus Notes Remote is planned.

The panel consists of Kenneth Chan, Catholic Children's Aid Society; Samuel Lee, Children's Aid Society of Metro Toronto; Stacy Peuhkurinen, Bell Sygma; and Ken Sadler, Coco-Cola Beverages. Both IBM and Lotus companies will have a knowledgeable person on hand to field any in-depth technical questions. Come and bring your questions. This seminar would be good for any project leader who will be involved in implementation of Lotus Notes within their company, since experts will be on hand to answer nearly any question, from both a business and a technical perspective.

See you there! Come early to get a good seat. T < G

Ken Sadler is the TUG Vice President in charge of Education and "Conference '97". He can be reached at Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd. (416-424-6305) or via E-mail at: ken@tug.ont.ca