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March 1997: Volume 12, Number 4

President's Corner

By Bev Russell

ne of the most serious problems facing AS/400 IS shops today, and into the future, is the lack of available skilled talent. Job opportunities seem to be plentiful but skilled resources are scarce. As an IS Manager this is a top concern. Faced with vacancies that can take months to find a suitable replacement candidate and/or thousands of corporate training dollars, we have to ask our educational institutions and our suppliers to come forward and help to ensure a skilled workforce is available. Mohawk College, Seneca College, Lampton College and IBM are responding to the challenge.

Mohawk College is actively trying to expand it's AS/400 programme to meet employer's needs. They are asking IBM, IBM Business Partners, area businesses and TUG for help. IBM has responded by loaning them an AS/400 model 200 to assist in running their programmes. Area businesses have donated used machines and other equipment as well. TUG is responding by offering an invitation to attend our meetings. Lack of funding and higher workloads for reduced staff make it difficult for instructors to acquire the necessary skills to teach the uninitiated the power and the beauty of the architecture we know and love. We need to support our colleges and help them to educate tomorrow's employees.

TUG, as always, is focused on providing top quality information and education. Our fourth annual TEC conference and showcase looks to be our biggest and best ever. The hardworking volunteers are devoting many hours to arranging speakers and sessions to ensure a valuable cost-effective learning experience to all in attendance. In addition to the 2 topics presented at our regular meetings, our popular news magazine and our annual TEC conference, we recently offered a one day training session with Janet Krueger on Application Transition. This was a look at ways the AS/400 is changing the face of business computing.

I urge all who are interested to come out and join the band of TUG volunteers as we all struggle to keep abreast of today's rapidly changing technology. T < G