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September 1997: Volume 13, Number 1

President's Corner

By Richard Dolewski

t's hard to believe it's already time for our September issue of the TUG Magazine. Where has the summer gone? Certainly we have had terrific weather and here's hoping everyone has had an opportunity to enjoy it.

If fantastic business contacts and a thought provoking information symposium are what you need to get going after a relaxing summer then our next MoM (meeting of members) on September 17, 1997, is a must for you. Getting your AS/400 ready for the WEB, from an implementation success story (the do's and don'ts) to using the WEB for business opportunities, will be our two very timely topics.

The AS/400 has become rich in functionality over the last couple of years, but have you had the time to implement or even investigate some of these new solutions? In the business world we all work in, right sizing in the workplace has increased the speed in which we all function. The key to success is to attempt to stay ahead by being educated.

It's the only way to survive in this forever-evolving industry. The Toronto User group stages MoM's monthly that provide our membership an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with other MIS professionals just as eager as yourselves to learn what's new in the AS/400 arena or what really works. Come out to these meetings and discover how a couple of hours can better help you in your work place. At a minimum you may just make a new friend or say hello to an old one.

Today in our midrange market place, we are seeing vendors - notably IBM and the technology hungry user community forge ahead in business ready solutions. As you enjoy this issue, IBM would have just recently announced the next line of RISC AS/400s featuring a new chip technology ( code named the APACHE processor.) A new version of OS/400 (V4R1) will also be featured to support this new hardware. This exciting new architecture should bode well for the future of the AS/400 as we all strive to meet our ongoing business requirements.

I think it's important to take stock of our progress as a user group. We have had a very successful year with informative meetings, a very well attended TEC conference and of course, who could forget the Dr. Frank Soltis evening. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Toronto User Group.

I would like to thank all of our board members and our Association manager Wende Boddy for their contributions to the 96/97 TUG board. I cannot say enough about the commitment from these people and how they all give generously of their time. Strong leadership skills by our past president Bev Russell has brought the user group to the next level our membership deserves and expects. The newsletter has become a magazine that MIS departments are looking forward to reading with its informative thought provoking articles. The color layout and superb graphics as put together by our Publisher/Editor Vaughn Dragland make it sensational. A special thanks to Vaughn for a job well done, and also to Ron Campitelli for his success at working with our advertisers who make it possible.

As Vaughn and Ron have stepped down from the board to concentrate on the magazine, we have two new Directors this year to take their places: Gerry Hoffe of Saville Systems, and Alkarim Sachedina of Mattell. Also departing the board of directors is Neil Andrus who has been an integral part since the inception of TUG. His ideas and support will be missed and we wish him success and health. Replacing Neil is Glenn Gundermann from Chisholm Foods. The new board of directors consists of seasoned veterans and some new faces as we all strive to move the user group forward.

Clearly we have lots to do and I'm excited about the progress we are making. Come out to one of our events and introduce yourself to one of our board members, we'd enjoy the opportunity to get to know everyone of you. T < G