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March 24th 7:00 PM TUG MoM (Zoom Webinar)

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Bartlomiej Grabowski SPEAKER:  Bartlomiej Grabowski,
Founder & CEO, Cloud Walkers
(known as Bart) is an IBM Champion and Platinum Redbook author. With over 16 years of experience in various worldwide solutions, Bart founded Cloud Walkers company which delivers tools for IBM i. He is a frequent speaker presenting at technical conferences and events. He also runs a technical blog: helping IBMi and Power Systems administrators and architects.

TOPIC:  LPARKit - Tool for quick deployment of LPARs and cloning IBM i OS using the HMC/VIOS or Virtual Partition Manager

SESSION ABSTRACT:  LPARKit is a green screen interface which isolate VIOS/HMC layer from IBM i administrator. It allows quick deployment of LPAR and clone IBM i operating system from the template partition. It also allow to manage virtual storage adapters, maping/unmaping vSCSI disks or creating virtual adapters reports in the spool or csv file.

For small customers which use IBM i as the hosting LPAR, the tool provides a new interface for quick LPAR creation instead Virtual Partition Manager accessible in SST. It also provides a mechanism to clone the operating system stored as NWSD object.

The tool can be also used in the private cloud as a native green-screen deployment interface or by business partners. It allows to prepare IBM i LPAR image with all PTFs, toolset required by a customer, and store it as a binary image. Such image can be deployed by the Business Partner very easy on a customer machine.


AGENDA for March 24th Zoom MoM

ADMISSION:  Free for TUG members

Registration:  online

Time: 7:00 PM

Topic: "LPARKit - Tool for quick deployment of LPARs"


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