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Wednesday, November 17th (evening)

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logo: Monte Carlo Inn (Downtown Markham Suites Join us for this in-person meeting at the
Monte Carlo Inn & Suites (Downtown Markham)
7255 Warden Ave., Markham ON L3R 1B4
with live-streaming on Zoom!

We will be following all health department mandated protocols, which includes social distancing and the continued use of properly fitting masks... (Neck gaiters and bandanas are not permitted.)

ALL PATRONS AND STAFF ARE REQUIRED TO BE FULLY VACCINATED TO ATTEND THE MoM IN-PERSON. You must provide proof of vaccination and ID at check-in. If you are unable or unwilling to comply with these measures, we invite you to watch the meeting on Zoom.

* Note: An MP4 recording of this meeting will be available to download for TUG members in good standing, by email request to


Session 1 (5:00 PM)

IBM Power 10 announcements (Tom Hoover, IBM) 

More details to come soon.

Session 2 (7:00 PM)

Low-Code and Responsive Web Portals for the IBM i
(Andrew Vaiciunas & Grant Cooper, LANSA) 

With the ever-changing technology landscape, web development continues to get more complex, with more diversity in devices, browsers, mobile OS versions, and related technologies. It seems practically impossible to keep everything working with all the moving parts while providing a streamlined and enhanced up-to-date user experience.
Low-Code web development can simplify this complex technology stack. In this session, we will discuss and demonstrate:
      • What is Low-Code? 
      • How can Low-Code work with an IBM i and existing legacy applications and data? 
       • Can Low-Code easily provide web responsive solutions to support both traditional PC and mobile browser display sizes?
       • How can Low-Code simplify the delivery of secure web portals requiring some form of user authentication?  
Whether you are considering a customer self-service portal, a supplier portal, an employee portal, or a portal for some other business use, Low-Code can help make the job simpler. Low-Code allows you to deliver business solutions faster while removing complexities that may cause you to feel overwhelmed by technology stacks of 12 or more languages.


photo: Tom Hoover

Tom Hoover

IBM Canada Ltd.
Certified Level Two IT Specialist
Toronto, Canada

photo: Andrew Vaiciunas

Andrew Vaiciunas

Senior Sales Engineer
Toronto, Canada

Andrew has over 35 years of business systems design and development experience on various operating system platforms, including 25+ years on IBM S/38 and AS/400-iSeries platforms, 30+ years with LANSA products, along with team facilitation and software sales.  During this time he has worked with hundreds of companies all over the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean to help them discover their abilities to deliver advanced, forward-thinking, effective business systems.

photo: Grant Cooper

Grant Cooper

Director of Sales


Grant has been actively involved with the IBMi marketplace over the past 25 years. During his time with LANSA, he has served in many roles, from Project Consultant, Trainer, Technical Specialist, and Account Manager, working with a wide range of IBMi organizations, from around the world, focused on Manufacturing, Distribution, Insurance, Financial Services, Transportation, Logistics, and Commercial Software Development.

The majority of these engagements, have been focused on understanding the day-to-day Business Challenges, of these organizations, and helping provide either Application Development improvements with new processes and methodologies, and/or providing them with modernized applications to meet the ever-changing needs of the business.

Many of these newer applications have been in the areas of IBMi centric solutions dealing with B2B and/or B2C eCommerce, ERP, EDI, Data Integration, 5250 Modernization, Low-Code Web Development, Mobile Apps, Web Portals, SOAP Web Services, and REST APIs.

AGENDA for November 17th MoM

ADMISSION: Free for TUG members (Non-members $60)


   • 4:30 PM In-person Check-in

   • 5:00 PM Session 1 - IBM Power 10 Announcements 

   6:00 PM Intermission

   7:00 PM Session 2 - Low-Code and Responsive Web Portals for the IBM i (LANSA)


NOTE: Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive an email with the meeting link, meeting ID, and password.

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