P.S. We should also mention that some of the basic techniques discussed here are the technical underpinnings needed to fully utilize RPG's support for processing XML, for Open Access and for the new Data-Into support. So if you see any of those in your future you might want to check this session out.

Session Abstract JP2

Advanced Data Structures ( * Now with Free-Form! )

Have you ever used two dimensional arrays in your RPG programs? Or used the new template support to create your own data types? Do you know how to use group fields? How to map the *IN indicators so that you can give them names? Do you know how to code these in the new free-form style?

If you answered "No" to any or all of these questions then this is the session for you.

We'll give you a basic introduction to all of these topics and show you practical examples of their usage. We'll also include examples of the latest enhancement for coding nested Data Structures that makes their structure much more obvious.

Jon Paris