Susan Gantner's Bio

I am an IBM i evangelist - I firmly believe it is the very best platform for business applications. My background is application development and my primary language is RPG. Other languages certainly have their place in today's modern applications but for business logic, it's hard to beat today's modern free format version of RPG.

How did I get here? I began my career as a programmer in Atlanta - initially on Univac and IBM mainframes along with Wang and a variety of IBM mini-computers. Then I met the IBM System/38 and formed a lifelong friendship that is still going strong. Its integration and consistency of interface made life as a developer idyllic. The System/38 grew into the AS/400, since renamed (a few times now) to IBM i.

I've worked both inside and outside IBM. After application programming for 10 years, I joined IBM as a Systems Engineer and later worked in both the IBM Rochester and IBM Toronto labs, supporting developers on my favorite platform. I was fortunate enough to be part of the team who created the still popular IBM Redbook, "Who Knew You Could Do That with RPG IV?" and other IBM Redbooks. I have authored a wide variety of articles on the subject of modern development tools, techniques and languages for IBM i.

Today - post IBM - I work primarily as an educator teaching modern application development techniques - via on-site classes customized for a specific company's needs and at conferences, such as the RPG & DB2 Summit.

Check out the iDevelop blog that I write, along with Jon Paris, at